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28 February 2024

DQA is collaborating with Dickerson Digital and Microsoft to deliver Australia’s first Indigenous Sovereign Cloud capability

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Key takeaways:

Powered by Microsoft Azure, DQA is collaborating with Dickerson Digital and Microsoft to deliver a first-of-its-kind Sovereign Cloud Solution.

The solution will uplift scalability, efficiency, and security for organisations across both public and private Sectors.

The capability will extend to remote and regional locations and enable pathways for local First Nations people to gain a foothold in the advanced technology industry.

DQA is excited to announce our collaboration with Indigenous IT leader Dickerson Digital and Microsoft to launch Australia’s first Indigenous Sovereign Cloud.

The first truly scalable sovereign cloud offering of its kind, the project will provide certainty for customers within the public and private sectors, requiring higher levels of security and availability, uplifting organisations across Australia and New Zealand to execute complex and secure operations.

Powered by Microsoft Azure and integrated with Azure Orbital, the project follows the recent investment by Microsoft and the Federal Government of $5 billion in Australia’s cloud computing industries and comes off the back of the recent partnership announcement between DQA and Dickerson Digital.

“Working alongside Dickerson Digital gives us an amazing opportunity to address Australia’s need for a true sovereign, hyperscale data centre.

Dickerson Digital’s impressive track record of high-value outcomes achieved for private and government organisations give us the perfect ally in developing this critical infrastructure that will truly make meaningful change in Australia’s cloud capabilities and inject this benefit into remote communities.”

Steve Melville, CEO of DQA

The project will upscale organisations’ ability to leverage cloud services to maximise agility and capabilities. The sovereignty of the solution allows customers the confidence to manage data and conduct secure operations, knowing that data is stored in compliance with local laws and protected from foreign access.

Within the current scarcity of truly secure cloud infrastructure, the Sovereign Cloud Solutions offerings will uplift the capabilities and security of organisations stretching across major metro areas to the remote communities of Australia and New Zealand. The project’s full vision includes 22 data centres across Australia, as well as two in New Zealand and two in Tonga.

Working closely with DQA and Microsoft, Dickerson Digital also collaborated with its Indigenous partner Gambarra Jaha, who is on track to secure the largest single capital raising by an Indigenous-owned organisation in Australian history to build and operate the Sovereign Cloud data centres.

Powered by the technical and delivery capabilities of DQA and Microsoft, the solution will add to DQA’s Azure offerings, building upon its track record of groundbreaking programs across Defence, Intelligence and private sector utility infrastructure, with the Sovereign Cloud Solution already garnering a pipeline of early customers across public and private sectors.

The project will also leverage the Kalinda tiaki Foundation, with ongoing career avenues available with Microsoft and DQA to enable pathways for local First Nations people to gain a foothold in the advanced technology industry and will collaborate with communities on aspects of location and sensitivity to the land.

The Sovereign Cloud Solution is currently being rolled out and will soon be available to clients across Queensland, as well as to facilities across Australia, empowering organisations to confidently embrace cloud technology with a solution that is deeply rooted in respecting data sovereignty, enhancing security and supporting sustainable growth.

Customers interested in learning more about how the Sovereign Cloud Solution aligns with their security and digital transformation goals can contact Craig Tooley at DQA,

For more information, interviews and images, contact:

Julianna Burgess, or 0468 530 500
Patrice Pandeleos, or 0405 995 050

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